About me

Hi, I’m Andreas von Estorff!

And I’ll be guiding you on your journey to a happier life.

I have been an entrepreneur for 25 years, founded several companies in the digital environment, made them market leaders and successfully sold some of them.

As a successful entrepreneur, I thought I had it all together until burnout hit me hard in 2021. But, with persistence and the right tools, I was able to turn my life around and find a new sense of happiness.

Now, I’m living a new life, full of energy and fulfilment. I’m feeling better and stronger than ever before, and I’m now on a mission to help others overcome the dreadful feeling of permanent stress.

I understand the struggle and the feeling of being stuck, but I'm here to tell you that it's possible to overcome burnout and reclaim control of your life. 

Let me be your guide and share my experiences with you.

Together, we'll tap into your inner strength and create a fulfilling, stress-free life that you can enjoy again every day.